E-Commerce Solutions

Connect to your audience with a robust e-commerce solution that will transform your business. We make e-commerce easy by integrating payment, inventory and order processing. Meaning, you always know — at a glance — how your e-commerce site is performing. Your customers will enjoy an ideal shopping experience. Plus, you’ll love how easy it is to keep processes running smoothly.

  • Simple Payment Systems
  • Easy-to-Manage Inventory
  • Improved Order Processing

WordPress Website Development

With our help, you won’t have to dread updating your website. In fact, you’ll enjoy the process. We offer custom WordPress development including back-end solutions for you that streamline site management and reclaim your time. Our simple solutions make corporate website development fun and easy, so you can keep your site up to date without the hassles.

  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Transparent Site Administration
  • Plugins that Integrate Analytics and Social

Custom WordPress Development Features

When it comes to WordPress, what does custom development look like? What are the finer details that set apart novice WordPress development and expert WordPress developers? Here are a few highlights:

Search Engine Optimization

With every project, our custom wordpress development company follows best practices in search engine-friendly design, so that sites such as Google can understand what your website offers. You’ll enjoy better search placement and a greater ROI with search optimized development.

  • Search Engine-Friendly Code
  • SEO Checklist
  • Improved Discoverability

Mobile-Ready by Design

Responsive sites are a must — not only for your customers, but to help your website avoid search engine penalties. Our website development agency specializes in responsive sites that adapt to any screen size, so you always make a positive impression on customers. You’ll enjoy more prominent search placement when you get a responsive custom WordPress website.

  • Responsive Templates
  • Personalized Feature Development
  • Seamless Customer Experience

Our Approach to Development

There are plenty of WordPress developers out there, so what makes us unique?

We have a thorough process that starts with a deep dive into each client’s company, mission, philosophy, and needs. Once we understand how you do business and who your target audience is, we develop a digital strategy to help your website stand out with a seamless user experience.

Our developers build the back-end features your site needs to accomplish your objectives, train your team in how to use the site (which takes the headache out of website management), and are always on call if you need anything.

Custom Web Development

Eyewire offers custom web development using WordPress, NodeJS Stack, .NET Stack, and other platforms along with responsive web design and digital strategy services. Our developers understand the pain points our customers have with updating their websites.

Here’s how we can help you:

  • We make content-management easy, enjoyable and frustration-free.
  • We ensure your website is search engine-friendly so your ideal customers can easily find you.
  • We can set you up on our super slick hosting platform so your website will run quickly and efficiently.

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